The Worst Disney Experience Ever

Please top this if you can. This is a true story from my own childhood. There is photo evidence and multiple witnesses who can recount this trip. It took nearly 30 years for my father to recover from this trip. He finally went back to Disney World with my mom about 2 years ago in his mid 60’s...

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The 7 Digital Sins of Parenting

So, what do we do about all this technology, especially these devices like iPhones and iPads that are with us all the time, always seem to be on, and forever draw our attention?

We believe mobile devices feel extra personal, but we should bring them into the light. They cannot stay hidden. A cell phone is not a diary. It is not a personal journal with a lock and key that no one should access, but sometimes they feel that way. Social media is shared with the whole world, and yet sometimes kids want to keep what they do online hidden. That is the biggest mistake they make. 

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10 Ways to Improve Your Marriage

Marriage can be the most rewarding human relationship that any of us experience. However, like most things that have tremendous potential for good, it can also have a large potential to create misery. Here are 10 specific thoughts, critical patterns to develop to make your marriage healthier.

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How to Keep Your Child from Exiting an App on Your iPhone

This is a chapter taken from our book The Parent’s Guide to the iPhone and iPad.

This recipe will teach you how to prevent your child from intentionally or accidentally leaving the app you want them to stay in. This is one of our favorite features for our younger children...