Do you wish you knew more about your iPhone and iPad? Have you ever felt as though your child knows more about your device than you do? Have you ever wondered if it were possible to do something with your device that would keep your child safer? We all want the best for our kids, sometimes we just need a little help on how. This book covers topics and techniques for parents of 2 year olds all the way to parents dealing with a techie teenager.

We crafted this book for the parent, not the tech wizard. Think of it like a cookbook for your device. We provide detailed step-by-step recipes on everything you can do and control on the iPhone and iPad. Our tutorials are detailed and simple to follow. The goal is for you to learn the concepts so that you can feel confident that you are in control. It isn’t an encyclopedia, and you won’t have to wade through loads of technical jargon. Your child’s future will be increasingly connected online, and you owe it to them to understand the tools they will use and how to protect them.

We are the perfect duo to write this book. We are both parents to young children. Andrew Gertig is a former iPhone and iPad app developer and knows the inner workings of the operating system. Andrew Weiler is a former children's minister and knows the inner workings of young minds. Our hope for you is that you will feel equipped, confident, and knowledgeable about all the ways that you can indeed be in control of the technology that you use every day.